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My signature online course. This 3 month container is for those ready to stop going through the motions and start living with joy, energy, and fulfillment in their body and life. 1:1 support, live group breathworks, an online platform with a library of meditations and educational content, and so much more. 



 Bespoke Corporate Partnerships


Bring the power of meditation and breathwork to your company, school, or community. I offer both personalized and educational meditation, mindfulness, and breathwork sessions to groups of all ages and demographics. I've worked with everyone from high-schoolers struggling with social anxiety and academic stress, to older professionals transitioning into retirement. I believe knowledge is the catalyst for change, and always aim to add as much educational information into these sessions as possible, in a way that makes sense for your group. A list of past projects include:

  • Building & Consulting on a mindfulness curriculum for a 9th grade wellness class at a prestigious New England private school 
  • Breathwork and meditation teacher training for a leading Vancouver fitness studio  
  • A 5-week guided meditation series to a top NYC Fintech startup  

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1:1 Breathwork Therapy 


  If you are struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, uncertainty, disembodiment, and/or fatigue, 1:1 breathwork can support you. I combine both psychotherapeutic modalities and strategies with breathwork and meditation so you can release and heal old wounds that are no longer serving you.  After a brief intake process, I will personalize your sessions to fit your needs. 


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